Tuesday, October 31, 2017

31 Nights of Halloween - Night 31: Happy Halloween!

And, at last, we have arrived at our destination. As I sit here in the wan light of a monitor, scratching pixels out on a blank field, I cast my mind back on the journey we have taken, from its infernally warm inception to the grave-cold evening on which we part ways, you and I. I have endured wave after wave of spiritual dopplegangers battering the front gates of Stately Black Manor, all intent upon seizing the treasures I gathered to turn them from their otherworldly vengeance upon me and mine. Spent, I listen now to the steady downpour lashing upon the inner walls of the dishwasher, its low-rushing roar muffling the thunder of passing bros in their resonator-equipped carriages.

I ponder now upon the future, a future I have caught a mind-blasting glimpse of already, as Yule-themed movies now plague the airwaves of at least two networks on a 'round-the-clock basis. The final paltry hours of Halloween are but a thin bulwark against the Juggernaut of Christmas that has already begun its cheerful incursion. I shall soon set keyboard and screen aside to face this final doom. I have seen it, I tell you, a bright-gleaming shimmer of white and red and endless touting of wares. Its siren-call beckons even now, and I feel my resolve to thrust it all aside weakening in its red-cheeked face. I can only hope to keep a shadowed memory of this shadowed season alive long enough for it to cast its umbral magnificence once again in its yearly glory. Hark, now! Is that a susurration of bells jingled upon the air? Or a Disney commercial? I fear the time has grown short for us here. Farewell, fellow Halloween traveler! May the Fates cast us again on this road...

Setting aside the faux-Victorian/Lovecraftian dramatics, Happy Halloween out there, whoever may read these words!

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