Thursday, July 18, 2013

Brace yourselves: it's a Dark Dimension crossover!

It's the showdown you've been waiting for!

Marvel as I join my Distinguished Colleague at Dog Star Omnibus for the crossover of the millennium!

Thrill as titans clash in a conflict for the ages!

Dive for cover as the words fly in a literary lambaste!

Your eyes will reveal to you wonders that will leave you gape-mouthed in disbelief!

Face front, True Believers! Lash yourselves to something solid and behold a meeting of minds unimagined heretofore. Mountains will fall and continents will be riven asunder as you stand witness to:

Captain's Blog pt. 44: The Storybook Records

You dare not miss it!

In other words, come take a look as I make a guest-blogging appearance at Dog Star Omnibus' Star Trek Power Records post.

'Nuff said!

1 comment:

  1. It was a real scoop getting Stan Lee to promote our Storybook post, wasn't it?

    (Good job at capturing his voice so well.)