Monday, June 18, 2012

Another aside...

The Void and endings have haunted me as long as I've been able to contemplate them, and even before that I can recall being troubled by them without being able to articulate why. It's the ephemeral nature of existence that whispers to me. Moments in time frozen in memory like in a strobe light. It's not just endings, either; it's those moments where your life intersects with another, even for split second, and then the moment is gone. I remember being a kid in my dad's '71 LTD somewhere on I-71, looking out the window as another car glided past as it slowly overtook us in the passing lane. I locked eyes with an older lady passenger in the passing car, and it was that moment that I realized all those cars we pass, all those buildings, are filled with people who all have their own stories and lives, and I was profoundly sad that I could never know about them.

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