Monday, October 22, 2012

A bit of housekeeping: updates to a few posts.

This is a quick post to let those interested know that over the past couple of weeks I went back and rewrote and expanded a few posts in the Middle-earth Roleplaying series I've been doing. Specifically, they include:

Havens of Gondor

Mount Gundabad


Lost Realm of Cardolan

I did this to try to bring all the Middle-earth Roleplaying posts in line, and make them all as substantive as the others in the series. The earlier posts, in particular, gave short shrift to their subjects, and since those were among my favorites, I felt some revision was in order. I also added pictures and maps to them, too. I'll be revising others in the series along the same lines in the coming weeks, so my foray into southern Middle-earth will come after I take care of getting everything that came before all gussied-up, and after taking a short break from the Middle-earth stuff to post about a few other things.

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