Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Fiftieth Post, wherein I ruminate on the past and the future.

So, I've finally reached fifty posts to this blog, after an initial start-and-stop beginning that lasted the better part of two years. Finally getting into the groove of posting regularly has created momentum, and the blog has now taken on a life of its own. I'm usually planning three or four posts ahead, researching and gathering materials. The writing of each post, at least the recent ones, takes me a while, and I haven't yet gotten used to the notion of writing briefer posts to bridge the gap. I've tried it, and I'll continue to try, but, like everything else, it'll take time. I also need to apologize to my friends who aren't gamers, as the blog has become very game-centric; that wasn't the intention. Still, I hope you all stick with it, or at least keep subscribed, because I hope to expand the scope eventually. For now and into the near future, though, the game stuff helps me generate content.

The current Middle-earth Roleplaying (MERP) series of posts I've been doing has helped give the blog structure. I hadn't seen much in the way of coverage of this game line when I started, though since then I've run across a few other blogs which have addressed it. I still have a ways to go before I'm finished, at least with the MERP books I actually own; there are quite a few I don't own, and which are too hard to find or too expensive for me to bother with tracking down. As it is, what I do have provides a fairly comprehensive overview of Middle-earth, including parts Tolkien never spent much time on. Still to come, as of this writing, are the southern regions of Middle-earth, as well as massive Moria, which will be the subject of a huge blog post or two. Or three. I'll also be covering Decipher's Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game, too, as I think it's worthwhile to include it in the project. In addition, I'll be expanding upon my original Some thoughts on the running of a Fourth Age Middle Earth game campaign post, because I've had some more thoughts on the subject as a result of looking closely at the MERP books again. I need to locate, dust off, and rewrite my old Ruins of Barad-dur notes, too, which directly deal with the aftermath of the fall of Sauron and what he left behind. Yeah, I know, my non-gamer people will have their eyes glazing over in advance.

I also wanted to mention, and had to edit this post to add, that I plan on going back and expanding and, in some cases, rewriting some of my past posts. I wanted to bring all of them up to the same standards I've set over the course of time. Don't like a post and think it didn't cover the subject too well? Check back over time and I may have revised it. Or, drop me a note or comment and let me know what you think needs fixin.'

Anyway, this was a bit of a breather for me, a way to pause and say hey, thanks for reading, and to give you some idea of what I have planned. Any thoughts or suggestions are always welcome, Middle-earth-related or not. I wanted to commemorate fifty posts, but not make a big deal of it, after seeing some blogs with hundreds of posts.

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